Monday, October 12, 2009

Notes from The Tilt-A-Whirl

Besides shamelessly plagiarizing the title of a book I sincerely want to read someday soon and would probably enjoy, this blog post title completely describes my life right now. Things are crazy!

I know everyone says that the first six (or seven, or eight) months with a second baby are hard. But honestly, since February, Ethan has been the easiest part of my life! He's happy, healthy (only been sick once, briefly), and content. He's had teething issues, sure, and sometimes you might hear him crying in the background, but overall, he's so happy.


It's everything else in my life that's keeping me up. I'm currently balancing: being a full-time mom to two wonderful boys who demand my attention 24/7, running a CARES program with absolutely NO budget (prayers appreciated) which means soliciting businesses for free stuff daily, researching rental houses for when we plan to move at the end of the year, tutoring online at least 5 hours a week (or more if I can swing it), and occasioanlly reading, resting, and taking care of all that household stuff, like healthy meal planning and purging unnecessary junk. I really need to exercise more but that only happens when it doesn't rain.

Oh, but I did manage to squeeze in a haircut this weekend:

(Please ignore the no-makeup, end-of-the day, sleepy-eyes shot. Just look at the hair, ok?)

Right now, in a rare occurence, both boys are happily napping AT THE SAME TIME. I honestly don't remember the last time that happened, especially since Jacob reached a new milestone two weeks ago: he learned how to climb out of his crib -- successfully!

Before Ethan was born Jacob climbed/fell out of his crib once during naptime and it scared him so badly he hasn't tried it since. However, one day during naptime he climbed out because he didn't want to go to sleep. I put him back in, and we repeated the process a few times before I gave up. The past week or so has been difficult, with him learning to adjust to sleeping on a "big boy" mattress on the floor and us attempting to keep him in bed or at least in his room until he falls asleep. Bedtimes have been later (sadly, sometimes MUCH later) and naps have been almost nonexistant. Still, we've seen some slight improvement.

It's a good thing his mattress is on the floor, too, because he often rolls right off in the middle of the night (or falls asleep halfway on and halfway off) and just goes on sleeping! We need to start taking pictures of these moments where his head is on the floor and his legs are sprawled on his mattress. Once, this past weekend, he fell asleep curled up in our reading chair.

Fun new trick: Jacob will hang off the edge of the sofa holding some of Ethan's teething rings. Ethan, crawling around on the floor, will try to grab them, but Jacob will pull them up out of his reach. On the surface it looks quite mean, but Ethan only laughs and Jacob giggles and eventually gives in, I think. It's certainly amusing for me. Babyfights? Who needs 'em. I've got sibling torture. (Don't worry, I always come to the rescue if one of 'em baby starts crying.)

However, I can't let either one of them out of my sight for a second. Ethan also now makes a beeline for the doorstop in Jacob's room anytime we put him on the floor. He immediately tries to take off the white protective plastic cap and eat it. The first time I saw him do this it happened so fast I had to dig the white plastic cap out of his mouth and I was only a few feet away. I am so glad babies have a gag reflex.

We've got one fast crawler, too. Ethan can often be heard grunting as he follows me or Jacob around the apartment, stuggling to keep up with us walkers. He will sit up by himself for brief periods, but almost always ends up rolling onto his belly to get something out of reach. I've even seen him THROW a toy away from himself just so he will have to go get it. Why? So he can chew on it, of course.

My boys:


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