Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tech Beats MSU

Nesbitt Shines In Georgia Tech Win Over Mississippi St. 42-31

After the Jackets' great showing against North Carolina last week, I was expecting a win over the Bulldogs of Mississippi St. What I wasn't expecting was for Josh Nesbitt to pass for 266 yards. And he really didn't throw it that much -- only 11 completions in 14 attempts. If Josh can integrate a solid passing game into what we're already doing on the ground, that makes for quite a potent offense. The only negative from yesterday's game is the fact that the defense allowed 31 points. Troublesome, but not insurmountable.

With the win, Tech climbs up to #22 in the AP rankings.

In other sports news, apparently, yesterday was a bad day to be a Bulldog.


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