Monday, March 22, 2010

Desert Island Supply

File under "individuals making a difference."

Just discovered the Desert Island Supply Co., a volunteer organization in B'ham that assists young writers. I was overjoyed to learn it is based in the Woodlawn community, a place my heart still is drawn to help. Every time I drive by on the interstate, I send up a little prayer.

Has it really been 11 years since that first BSC Woodlawn Service-Learning Interim? That spring I was one of only a handful of students who went to Woodlawn high school to tutor. I was often alone and I admit that I did not continue for very long once others stopped coming. I know our hopes of an ongoing service project from the college fizzled out, at least while I was there. But this organization seems to be well-supported and a needed resource and outlet for those kids.

Maybe one day I can go back and help. At the very least, I love hearing about what is happening there now. If you're in the Birmingham area, consider it something to embrace.


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