Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Funnies

Jacob made this up in the car the other day, completely out of the blue, to the tune of big bad wolf: "Who's afraid of the big bad crows, big bad crows? Who's afraid of the big bad crows? I AM."

I've told you how Jacob likes to hide, right? Last week we were trying to get ready to leave the house, but I couldn't find Jacob. Ethan was playing in their room and so I said "Ethan, do you know where Jacob is?" Ethan said something unintelligible and pointed to the closet. Sure enough, I opened the door and found Jacob hiding inside. Ethan totally gave him up.

Note: Gaines' parents have a dog named Zeke, who we see every few months. He apparently has a strong influence on our son. For example...

1. Jacob has a little plastic puppy pull-toy. As he was dragging it around the house, one day I asked, "What's your dog's name?
Jacob (even though it had been weeks since we'd seen him): "Zeke."

2. When Uncle Mike came to visit last weekend, Jacob pretended his tent was a dog house. Jacob, to his uncle: "I'm Zeke and you're Zoe. Woof. Woof." (Poor Mike. Zoe is a girl doggie.)

3. Jacob loves to play hide and seek, though he's not sure of the name just yet. Lately, whenever his dad gets home he usually yells out: "Let's play 'Hide and Zeke!'"


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