Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jacobean Logic

Things our firstborn has been saying over the past several months...

Overheard while getting ready for bed one evening:
Daddy: "Let's read a Bible story."
Jacob: "How about Go, Dog, Go?!"
Daddy: "That's not a Bible story."
Jacob: "But it's got cars!"

Anything that has happened in the past: "Three months ago..." as in, "Three months ago I ate pancakes." Even if it was this morning.

Anything that is going to happen in the future: "Next week..." or "Tomorrow..." as in, "Put me to bed next week." or "I'm going to sweep those leaves up tomorrow."

Said to our friend Mary who was babysitting him and playing outside:
"I want to play with Daddy. Football is too hard for you."

(These are the ones I remembered to write down. I need to take a cue from the Carsons and post them every Friday!)


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