Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Snowy Day

Technically, we've had three snow days here in Atlanta this year, one each month. In January, the entire family was at home and enjoyed the views.

Jacob's favorite pastime was making footprints in the snow.

In February we were driving to Alabama to celebrate Ethan's birthday so we kind of missed out on playing then. Apparently, it was a good snow. I was a bit bummed that we missed it, so was actually glad to see snow on the ground yesterday. Even though most of the snow was wet and miserable, the snow stuck, so we took full advantage, even attempting to sled down a hill in the recycling container. (I had to push.)

Here are some highlights from our March snow day adventure:

Tentatively exploring the backyard with bucket and shovel in hand. Somehow, Jacob has decided these two tools are necessary to all snow outings, even though they reside in the clearly labeled "summer toys" box.

After this first excursion, during Ethan's morning nap, we made cookies-in-a-jar and drank hot chocolate. "Hot cocoa" is also apparently necessary after coming in from the snow, even though Jacob doesn't really like it. I think he's seen the snow episode of Curious George too many times.

Jacob practiced catching snowflakes on his tongue.

He wanted to stay and play in the snow, but we settled for half an hour of throwing snowballs at trees. Besides, Ethan was stuck in the stroller under the carport and kept dropping his mittens.

Ethan's first experience outside in the falling snow. He seemed to enjoy reaching for the camera more than tasting snowflakes.

Afterwards, we watched the Scholastic version of Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day, since we don't have the book. Jacob painted a picture of his adventures with watercolors. It was a nice way to close out the afternoon.

Will it snow again this year? Let's hope not. Although snow is a good excuse to bundle up and go outside, I'm ready for some warmer temperatures. Springtime, here we come!


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