Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's a three-year-old living in our house now.

His name is Jacob and he likes planes.

Thanks to my friend Jessica's inside scoop, we took him to a very cool playground at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport for a picnic lunch on his birthday. Here he is with a friend from church on one of the ride-ons.

PDK is like the secret mecca for savvy moms. How did I not know about this place before? The park is right next to the tarmac, you can see the planes taking off and landing right in front of you, and there's a great picnic spot under a big tree. Plus, the restrooms are covered by an old hangar and have cool signs on the walls.

By the time we left the airport in the early afternoon, the place was teeming with children and the parking lot was full. On a Tuesday in the middle of a school week.

Though we'd never really hung out with this family outside of church before, I think Jacob had a great time. He and the other little boy are close in age and Jacob would call to him to follow him in and out and up and down and around the playground equipment.

Jacob's become a brave kid. He likes to climb on things that might've given him (and me) pause a year ago. But he's very careful. If he gets stuck, he just climbs ever so slowly back down...and then tries to go up another way. He also has the most vivid imagination.

Here he is smiling proudly atop his newfound castle. Or treehouse.

The boy scouts had it right: always be prepared. You just never know when your little boy might suddenly turn airplane! Vroooooooom!


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