Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby's Got Taste

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were sitting in a local coffee shop with our two boys. A woman approached us and introduced herself as the co-owner of a local organic baby food operation called Jack's Harvest.

The recipes Connie described sound delicious, with herbs and spices mixed in to add a unique flavor experience. No bland bottled stuff here! She says they make it every Friday locally and in a certified organic kitchen. Her friend and co-founder Heather is the chef behind such delicious-sounding flavors as Butternut-Squashed Apples and Go Bannanas with Cherry. She spent quite a few minutes speaking with us and answering questions, so I would highly recommend them on customer service alone. She gave us each an info card and told us to let her know where we met her and she would fix us right up. I may have to place an order soon! I'll let you know how I-- er, Jacob-- likes it!

I wasn't home to watch, but she also let us know about this: Jack's Harvest was interviewed that night on the local news.

Last Friday I was happily reminded of that encounter when I saw that Jack's Harvest featured over at Cool Mom Picks! (If I had remembered to post this when I originally wrote it, you could've had a chance to win some free Jack's Harvest baby food. Curse my metal body! ...and mommy brain.)

Just remember, though, you heard about it from me first. ;)


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