Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For the powerless and voiceless

From Daniel's blog:

"The significance of your church is not in its numbers, but that its priorities match God's. The character of your leaders is not measured by their popularity or power, but by their attention and care for the powerless and voiceless among them." --Miriam Neff, Christianity Today

I couldn't find the original article online, but I'd be curious to know the context. Either way, this is a profound statement that resonates with me and some of our past experiences. I find it interesting that the author does not say that churches are necessarily a voice or source of power for those without, but that they are measured instead by the attention and care of those within their midst (including children, I might think). True shepherds truly care for their flock. I am thankful for all the pastors and leaders and teachers who model the True Shepherd in this respect.


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