Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bible Reading

The first month of the year has passed us by and I have failed yet again to follow any sort of Bible reading plan, chronological or otherwise. I don't like reading the Bible online and e-mail reminders aren't helpful in making me pick up the Good Book. So, I'm going to try something new and combine some practical advice from the Wilsons:

1. "Get yourself two bookmarks. Start reading the Old Testament and mark your place. Start reading the New Testament and mark your place. Keep reading. When you finish, start over and do it again."

And, because I'm always reading five books at once:

2. Read the Bible first before you pick up anything else!

It sounds so simple, and yet, why hadn't I thought to try it before? I'll let you know after Leap Year if this works out for me. I'm starting today at Genesis 12 and Matthew 2, where I've left off from other attempts at daily reading. I think this might become a lifetime habit -- hopefully.


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