Monday, March 10, 2008

Familial Birthday Craftiness

Friday night we Redd girls were in quite the crafty mood, putting together lots of little (and big) things to make the J-man's first birthday extra special.

My contribution was this Resa Design-inspired birthday shirt (my first-ever attempt at applique!):

Aunt Erin made these awesome blocks and put up all the streamers and decorations:

Aunt Amy stayed up way too late making this cute cupcake bib! Also, she took tons of wonderful photographs of the party! Much better than mine!

This blanket became part of the decor! Nana Susanne and Great-Grandmother Annette made this really cool embroidered alphabet blanket many years ago for Jacob's dad. I just took a (blurry) photo of the J square, but the entire blanket is stunning.

And the piece-d'resistance: Great-Grandmother Bobbie made this amazingly-delicious caramel block cake. Just like the one she made Gaines on his first birthday. Mmmmmmm. (photo by Amy)

I am thankful to be part of such a creative family. My mom and my aunts are also quite talented as well, and so I hope Jacob will be doubly blessed with creative genes.


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