Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let me start by saying...

What? You didn't catch David Cook's emo-stylings on the Lionel Ritchie 80's ballad last night on American Idol? Ok, well I did, but that's about all I saw. That and the dread-headed dude singing "Hallelujah." Who'd even heard of that song before Shrek came out?

Anyway, back to "Hello"...Randy, Paula, heck, even naysayer Simon praised the rocker-dude's bravery in attempting to remake a pop-song into a contemporary format. He made it his own. But did he?

Was I the only one who kept thinking of Me First and the Gimme-Gimmes? They made a punk-rock version of "Hello" long before the blue lights of the idol stage were a glimmer in David Cook's eye.

Gaines has gotten me hooked on these crazy-fast, catchy albums with punk-rock covers of various genres of famous songs, from Broadway show tunes to country songs and R&B hits. They are all catchy, addictive, and very, very short! Great for long road trips when you need a pick me up. I've yet to hear their version of hits from the 60's, 80's and the Bar Mitzvah one, but the others are all pretty good. I'd watch out for some salty language in some of the songs, (especially that country album, heh!) and I have no idea what they are trying to say by covering "Natural Woman," but other than those quibbles, I'd heartily recommend 'em!


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