Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Relation

So, just now, I got a telephone call. I usually check the caller ID before picking up. It was a number from Washington, DC. Washington? But it was a real number. So I answered.

Me: "Hello." (If there is a pause and no one speaks, I know it's a telemarketer, so I usually hang up.)

Caller: "Hi. Is Nicole Reed there? Is this the Reed residence?"

Me: "Reed? No, there's no one by that name here." (Phew, I think. Wrong number. I can hang up now...)

Caller: "Ms. Redd, then? This is [name unitelligible] from ABC News/Good Morning America. I'm obviously calling about the news story --- hey who's that cutie back there?" (hears Jacob "talking" to the phone)

Me: "Um, I'm sorry. Can you repeat that?!" (Why in the heck is a news agency calling me?!)

Caller: "Yes, Ms. Redd. Well, this is [again, I have no idea] from ABC/Good Morning America. I'm obviously calling about the new story about Jeremiah Wright. You're related to him, right?"

Me: (Laughter!) "Ha! Um, no, I'm sorry, I'm not related to him. I don't know a Nicole Redd. You must have the wrong number. Thanks. Bye"

Hysterial laughter continues as I proceed to sit down at the computer to write this down so as to preserve the incident for posterity (and hopefully get Jacob to return to his afternoon nap).

The End.


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