Thursday, March 13, 2008

On My Mind and on the Web

  • I'm thinking about an interesting discussion over at one of my favorite parenting blogs about the labels art vs craft and the merits of both terms and types. I appreciate what one commentator described -- that adults prefer to start with crafts, like knitting, when you are just learning something, whereas kids are more apt to be free and open with their first creative experiments and don't need "rules" to help them along just yet. That comes later. Which is why the blog is titled The Artful Parent. (If you are a parent, at what age did you start doing "art" or "crafts" with your kid(s)?)

  • I'm slowly digesting an interview with Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma, with the advice to only eat things that are capable or rotting, as well as other helpful information about food science and what "natural" really means. (Along those lines, after seeing the Supersize Me DVD extra a few years ago where the McDonald fries didn't decompose at all after almost 10 months, I've seriously questioned my fast food choices.) Grocery store trips can be overwhelming, between all the planning and budgeting and STILL trying to eat healthy. I commented somewhere recently that it's sad that all the cheap, convenience foods marketed to lower-income folks are the unhealthiest. So on that note...

  • I'm attempting to eat healthy yet stay on a budget. It can be done. See moneysavingmom's post with links to other ideas, especially the $50 budget posts and all the links therein (you can get lost!). I working on this. Slowly.

  • I like looking at this fascinating flickr collection of photos called The Little Zoo. Check out her etsy shop where you can purchase note cards and prints! In fact, I just like etsy in general. All that handmade goodness. Maybe you'd like to see my favorite etsy stores?

  • I've been listening to fun, FREE music for kids that adults will actually enjoy as well! (Thanks, kristen!) We've been savoring the mellow, melodic, mood-lightening and somewhat moody It's a Big World all morning, and it has certainly helped Jacob quiet down since he's currently (finally) taking his morning nap. (Babies do not follow daylight savings time. How do you keep their bedtime/naptimes still reasonably early when you have to set the clocks forward?!)

  • Finally, something more...non-parenting and fun and! I am loving this comparison between Old Navy and J. Crew shoes. Can YOU tell the difference?

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