Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Lately, about once a week, I've been enjoying a comfort breakfast of whole-grain toast and an egg over-easy. My mom and grandmother used to serve this, though I never really appreciated it until recently. It was always something about the runny yolks. Thankfully, I'm not so picky anymore.

It's quite simple, though not quite so healthy. Just put some butter in a frying pan, cut out the center of a piece of bread using a cookie cutter (the only one I had that was the right size was the star shape), plop the egg in the middle and cook until desired doneness. Flip once. I love using the butter-soaked toast to sop up the egg yolk.

This is very good with a glass of OJ, though I've been enjoying it with a side of some fresh mandarin oranges I got at Trader Joe's (5 lb box for $8!). Enjoy!

This post was party inspired by this artist's collection of breakfast photos.

HT to Mollie Greene for the breakfast photo link.


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