Saturday, May 03, 2008

Please Pray

A friend of ours from church has a brother, James. James' girlfriend, Mandy Annis, (who was soon going to be his fiancee), was struck and killed while cycling home from work on Wednesday in Chicago. There are articles about the tragedy in the Tribune and the Sun-Times, and they reveal a portrait of a beautiful young woman who honored Christ with her life

Please pray for her family (her parents have just flown back from Romania where they were missionaries), for James and his family, for her students (she was a 5th grade teacher at a Christian school), and for the driver of the car. I am just saddened and grieved by this news and my heart goes out to all who knew her. May we mourn with them awhile.

And yet, may we as Christians find hope in the resurrection: that Christ the Lord was raised from the dead, the firstborn of the life to come, and we who know Christ will be raised to new life one day, along with Mandy and all those who have passed on. Praise be to God!


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