Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun with Video

I am definitely enjoying motherhood, especially since Jacob does something incredibly cute at least a dozen times a day. I usually don't have the camera handy, but this week I was more fortunate to catch a few (very short) clips. (If only I'd had my camera with me at P.F. Chang's today during lunch. He was totally rocking out to the music and bopping along in the high chair! The boy's got rhythym!) Though his attempts at walking are too brief to even try to record, he's pretty easy to tape if he's sitting down...

The following video presentation may only be appreciated by me and possibly one or two other close relatives. You have been warned. It's VERY short. I threw together these three little moments just because I wanted to try out a bit of video editing. (This could be dangerous. One day I might even get crazy and add music to photo montages!) For now, listen in for Jacob's adorable attempts at communication, especially in the third segment, as well as our (brief) commentary. Enjoy! I call this: Swing + Eat + Shop?


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