Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sippy Cup Solution

In order for Jacob to continue gaining weight (per doctor's orders), Jacob is supposed to be drinking only whole milk all the time. No juice, no water.

That's okay in my book; juice has too much sugar, and he likes water whenever he's tried it, so I don't think he'll be refusing it later on (although he might when he reaches that picky toddler stage!)

However, my only problem is in transporting the sippy cup of milk safely from place to place while keeping the milk cold. My solution?

A coffee cup with a lid!

The insulation keeps the milk cold for a few hours...

The sippy cup fits perfectly inside...

And yet still has just enough wiggle room for me to get the cup out!

On longer trips, when we will be out for more than a few hours, I keep milk in an taller, insulated aluminum coffee thermos.

This is what works for me! What works for you? Do you have any creative uses for everyday things?


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