Friday, February 06, 2004

Last Days Madness

Last night, we found ourselves discussing the often misused phrase "the Second Coming" before (in opposition to things we'd heard on the radio that day), during (we're up to Luke 12) and after (the rehash during the car ride home) our weekly Couples' Bible Study.

Lately, the Olivet Discourse is popping up everywhere: in my morning readings of Matthew in The One Year Bible, as I run across radio programs on "the rapture," and now, in our couples' study, as we move closer to Luke 17. So this morning, as I read Matthew 24, I pulled out Sproul's The Last Days According to Jesus as a refresher. I'm extremenly thankful for people who pointed to that (among other books) as a good resource for stemming the tide of rampant pre-trib, pre-mil, rapture craziness. If only our friends would read it and be encouraged as well.

Along these lines, I just wanted to mention that on this topic, at least, Wright is definately right. Hopefully, as our study in Luke progresses, we can discuss "biblical as to clarify truth, not distort it."

Which reminds me-- we were listening to Johnny Mac in the car on the way to praise band practice Wenesday night, and he was describing the proper method of Biblical interpretation-- historical context, grammar, proper literary form, etc. The funny thing is, he's a dispensationalist! He's also pre-trib, pre-mil, the whole nine yards. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate much of MacArthur's teaching, I just wish he would apply his sound Biblical interpretation methods to eschatology. (If only everyone would!)

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