Monday, February 23, 2004

A Long Way Off

I'm so excited-- our pastor's wife and my fellow Sunday school teacher, Kitti Murray, published her first book! Yesterday, I actually got to see the first and, so far, only advance copy she has recieved. It is meant for Christian parents whose children have "strayed from the fold," and gives Scriptural hope for those hurting mothers and fathers. Most of the book came out of her personal experiences, so don't expect anything too theologically profound. I haven't read it all yet, and though I'm probably biased, the parts I have seen are very well-written. I look forward to recommending Kitti's book to one woman especially, a single mother we know who is struggling with this very issue.

Our Women's Sunday school class recently finished Ephesians and will soon begin a study of Hosea. For a transition (and since most of our students are college-age and spring break is coming up soon), we spent yesterday's lesson time at the Silver Skillet, an Atlanta landmark which I had not yet had the pleasure of encoutering. I must say, the grits alone were well worth the wait. It looked just like a diner from some famous-yet-not-so-well-remembered movie, and sure enough, it was (scroll down to the paragraph that begins "LEGEND"). The best part is that the Silver Skillet is right around the corner (less than three blocks) from our church. I think this calls for repeat business...

Speaking of food located nearby, we haven't been to Kool Korners in a while, and now I'm craving a nice, messy, toasted Cuban sandwich. It is not much more than a hole-in-the-wall, but it serves the best Cuban sandwiches outside Miami (or so I've heard), and is even closer to West Merritts than the Silver Skillet, although Kool Korners is not open on Sundays. Sad, but respectable.

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