Thursday, February 05, 2004

New Perspective on Paul?

So, this whole "New Perspective on Paul" is growing more and more controversial, although it doesn't seem to have appeared on the radar of mainstream Christendom. (I think it could be that the Rick Warrens of the world are diverting the attention elsewhere.) Anyway, I can't claim to have spent much time researching the issues, but it seems like a ton of the "die-hard Reformed" types are sharpening knives for anyone connected with the NPP. This is unfortunate, because this "movement" isn't really a movement at all. It is far from monolithic, other than the common idea that the Reformers and some descendants may have misunderstood the Jewish culture in which Christianity arose. One of the prominent names associated with the NPP is N.T. Wright, scholar, author and the current Anglican Bishop of Durham. I've read some of his historical writings (The New Testament and the People of God) and have a few more on the shelf, awaiting a kind reader to rescue them. Overall, I've found Wright to be very articulate and full of good insight. But, to hear some of his critics speak, you'd think he was actually an arch-fiend bent on overturning all the theological contributions of the Reformation. I haven't read enough to make an informed opinion, but my Spidey senses are telling me that these critics are either misrepresenting or just plain misunderstanding Wright.

Enter Douglas Wilson. He and his compatriates are accused of perpetrating the same "heresies" that Wright and other NPP folk are purveying. There has apparently been a good deal of harsh language and accusations, so the latest (online, at least) issue of Credenda Agenda addresses the topic exactly. Very good points from a good communicator.

A Pauline Take on the New Perspective

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