Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Have a Shelf Full of School Notebooks

I keep them because they remind me of who I think I am, the person I would like to develop into, but who I might possibly never be. I can’t let go of them, though, because they represent something in me I can’t quite name. I’ve never wanted to embrace the fact that I remain in the “potential” stage, but the folders and files prove to me that I am still firmly quite there. And that drives me crazy.

The above is from an article about "Kept Objects" at Catapult mag. I most appreciated this last one by Megan, since it resonated with me. I have folders filled with things I wrote from middle school up through college and graduate school and I just can't part with them.

You may think it's just silly, especially all you professional organizers, but I know they are there and sometimes I take them out and read through them to remember who I was before, who I am becoming, as well as who I want to be. I am always in transition, and though I may never be a professional writer or an ESOL teacher or an artist, those dreams still linger, and they remain part of who I am today. Thanks for the reminder, Megan.

Now, about some other stuff I do need to get rid of...


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