Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My New Favorite Lunch

Yesterday, I had everything on hand to make this tuna cranberry salad recipe courtesy of Mommy, Esquire.

Then, I rolled it up in one of these surprisingly not-too-thin and delicious Cedar's Whole Wheat Wraps I found at our local warehouse store, which I had bought with something like this in mind. Or homemade mini rectangular pizzas.

I enjoyed my rolled sandwich with Triscuits and cheese and fruit, with Crystal Light Peach Tea. Almost as good as going to Roly-Poly. Almost.

Healthy and delicious and simple. Who knew? And normally I'm not a big tuna person (which is why I've had two cans in my pantry for who knows how long). I usually just add crushed pineapple to my tuna, but this is much better.

One tip: let it sit for a while so the cranberries can soak up the juice and mayo.

It's so good, I'm having it again today.


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