Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More TLC

This post is not about my lack of attention. This is about the cable channel. Although, I suppose the two could be related.

We have the most basic cable available. I think we pay something like $13/month just so we don't have to use bunny ears to watch the networks. We also receive at least three local religious stations, two home shopping channels, a couple of Spanish networks, C-Span 1 and 2, and Fox Business, of all things. Not that great.

Well, at the beginning of last month, we noticed we were getting a few extra channels on our new HD television. The magical cable fairy from the land of the addictive glowing screen had bestowed not one, but at least three new premium channels into our box: AMC, ABC Family, and my personal favorite TLC. Somehow, these had slipped passed the almighty television Nazis and were coming through to us, the lowly basic cable subsribers. Gaines knows how it works; I'm still fuzzy on all of that. I wanted to blog about our unexpected gift earlier, but thought that some cable person might see it and decide to take away my TLC because of my hubris.

It doesn't matter anymore because I discovered yesterday that they are gone! (Well, we still have ABC Family but who really watches that?) My TLC channel is now "encrypted," and if I want to keep up with new episodes of Jon & Kate + 8 or watch Clinton and Stacy dole out fashion advice, I'll have to wait until we visit my parents' lake place to get my binge. And I never even took advantage of my chance to see Paige's return on Trading Spaces!

It's true that you never realize how much you'll miss something until it's gone. However, in this case, it may just be a blessing. Too much TLC, in this form, is bad for me. Which is why I'm attacking the laundry monster that has accumulated over the last several weeks...


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