Monday, April 07, 2008

Our Not-So Chunky Monkey?

I've alluded to this in previous posts, but Jacob weighed in at 17 lbs 7 oz at his yearly well-check last month. He was diagnosed as "failure-to-thrive" and we had to have blood work and tests and the doctor gave advice that put me, the primary caretaker and nutritionist, in a bit of a panic. Seeing that diagnosis written out in black and white just did not make me feel like a good mom, even though I knew I'd been doing everything right. Everyone (especially Gaines) has been very reassuring, since of course Jacob looks and acts healthy! And he's so active!

I've been hearing more stories from relatives about how my dad and my cousins all were skinny little as children, like I was. One cousin was apparently only 12 lbs at a year! I was a preemie, and I'm not sure I was even that much at a year, but I always thought I was an exception. Apparently, all of my dad's side of the family were nothing but sticks and bones as little kids.

We arrived at the doctor's office for his follow-up appointment a good fifteen minutes early this morning, probably due to my excitement. I had forgotten my checkbook, but it didn't matter anyway because I didn't have to pay.

Why not? Well, apparently, my appointment was for NEXT Monday. But how could I be so confused, you ask? It is a case of Mommy Brain/Momnesia? Nope! The receptionist had written down the wrong date! I did have second thoughts over the weekend because they usually call a day ahead to remind me, but once before they DIDN'T call and I missed the appointment (apparently she'd written that date down incorrectly on the card then, too!). Normally I would've just waited for the doctor to see us, but today is Monday. There were already 5 people in the waiting room and the office had just opened. It could've been hours!

Thankfully, the wonderful nurse let me weigh him anyway, since we were already there and I pleaded my case. I wanted to know how much he weiged on their scale! (Over the weekend, I got him to sit on our bathroom scale, and it said he'd gained a pound but you know you can never trust your home scale.) So, we put him on the scale and he made this cute awkward pouty face at being cold and naked in front of onlookers. But I was beaming!

Jacob weighs a grand total of 19 pounds! Woo-hoo!

Our little guy has gained 25 ounces in 4 weeks! Yay! That's still below the 5th percentile, but at least he's gaining weight! I'm hoping for a couple more ounces next week. At least he has a great appetite.

I confirmed next week's appointment, but the next time I schedule a visit I am going to call a couple of days beforehand just to make sure of the correct day! Especially since I missed the 21 minute free parking today by about, oh, 5 minutes. But that $4 parking for a weigh-in was WELL worth my peace of mind.

We came home in time for Jacob to catch a mid-morning nap. I couldn't resist a photo. Isn't he just adorable?! He looks so quiet and calm and peaceful when he's sleeping...and look at those cheeks! Not quite his 6-month chubby face, but at least it's something!


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