Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Links

  • If you read my lengthy post on plastics (good for you!), then you might be surprised to learn that due to all the negative publicity, Nalgene has announced a new website to promote their new BPA-free plastic containers. Um, good for them, I think. They're catching on!

  • I just discovered the The Typo Eradication Advancement League. I want to join! Can I make my own little correction kit? If I'd known about this when they were in Atlanta, I would've sent them to Birmingham instead of Montgomery next. Poor, sad deserted Montgomery malls. Or I could've at least sent them toward some friendly relatives! They could've had a hey-day in my hometown. Or the Florida Panhandle. I guess Mobile is close enough. (HT to Rocks in My Dryer).

  • Barb linked to this neat rescue center in Georgia called Noah's Ark that houses children as well as animals, and uses each to help rehabilitate the other. Apparently, they are rehabilitating a Zebra and were featured on the local news last week.

  • Finally, I turned on the news this morning to see my grad school Shakespeare professor, Dr. Paul Voss, interviewed because he and his family (5 children!) are off to see the Pope. It'll be his third time meeting the man, and the story of his chutzpah on a school trip to the Vatican is priceless.

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